The “European Coalition for the rights of young NEETs” is a civil society response to the need for joint action among all stakeholders and better-coordinated economic and social policies addressed to young people in NEET situations or at risk of becoming NEETs.

The European Coalition for the Rights of Young NEETs started as a pilot initiative, implemented between August 2016 and March 2017 with the financial support of Erasmus Plus (KA3) and coordinated by Social DOers – a Think-Tank & Resource Centre experienced in European public policies, based in Romania.

In the pilot phase of the initiative we have brought together stakeholders from 6 countries: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Romania and United Kingdom. The countries were chosen with regard to their different levels of expertise in addressing the NEET issue. From countries which have implemented Youth Guarantee Schemes even before the European initiative (like Austria), to countries that have extensive experience in working with young NEETs (UK & Belgium) or countries that have expertise in building national coalitions dedicated to young NEETs (Romania, Italy, Portugal).

The European Coalition was formally launched on the 25th of January 2017 in the European Parliament – Brussels, within the European Conference: “Investing in Europe’s Invisible Generation – young NEETs and thee need for a coordinated approach”.

Following the pilot initiative, the Coalition is open to everyone interested.

The aim of the Coalition is to become a permanent stakeholder at European level and thus, provide expertise and have a say in European policies and funding programmes designed for young people in NEET situations or at risk of becoming NEETs.